About Me



There are few things I feel more uncomfortable doing than writing personal bios, so I am going to talk to you like we are sitting alone in a dive bar,  I’m slightly drunk and sharing freely, and you don’t mind because you are also drunk: 

I am a comedian, podcaster and amateur baker, and painter and a curious person (as in interested in things, not peculiar... though I’m aware I may also be peculiar). I'm trying my best, but I know I could do better.

I love spending time with people, even though medium to large groups make me nervous, not including audiences, because I’m usually blinded by light in that case and I can just imagine I’m either dying or being born.

My background is in improv and I’ve written some things and acted in things, though my burning love is for live performance and podcasting. I love adventure and the outdoors and learning new things.

The happiest I’ve ever been was when my friends and I arranged for me to wear a wedding dress while I wore a crown of melty ice-cream so ice-cream could run into my mouth.

Erin ICe Cream Queen.jpg


I wish a fleet of puppies could wake me up every morning. I’m fascinated by romantic love and self love and I am currently conducting real-life experiments on both.

If you want to spend more time with me, please listen to my podcasts, This Feels Terrible or Human Conversation with Wayne Federman.